Sangkha District, Tambon Sangkha, Ban Chop

Lat/Long = 14°37'103”N, 103°53'16"E

GPS = 14.61934, 103.8854002

This easily accessible site is located about 1km south of Hwy 24.  It consists of two restored brick towers on a common laterite base in the middle of a large grassy lawn.  One tower is taller than the other, perhaps by design.  The towers are surrounded by a low brick wall with part of a sandstone doorframe.  A portion of a carved sandstone pillar is propped up next to the door frame.  There are no lintels however there are sandstone lingas (apparently originals) in each of the towers.  The two lingas are the most significant features at this site.  There's no obvious causeway but holes in the brick and laterite wall suggest there may have been a wooden walkway connecting the entrance of the main tower with the entrance through the wall.  The entrance to the main tower is reinforced with steel beams.  There's little else in the way of ornamentation.  The site has a parking area but no other facilities.  It's not associated with a wat.  There's no moat or barray but the site is adjacent to a stream.  The laterite foundation of an ancillary structure is close to the stream.  This structure is completely collapsed but there is a round sandstone object, perhaps a lotus, in the pile of blocks and a badly weathered beam with some unimpressive carvings.  A sign near the parking area says this Hindu temple was built during the Angkor Wat period (1100-1175).  The sign mentions three brick towers but only two are visible.  Only the foundation of the third tower remains, located slightly to the north of the two existing towers

Prasat Yai Ngao