GPS = 14.3562764,103.2555217

Lat/Long = 14°21'15”N, 103°15'41"E

This is the second of three temples in this area.  The site consists of a few laterite and sandstone structures surrounded by a low laterite wall.  The remains of an old causeway are visible just outside the single entrance through the wall.  There are antechambers on both sides of the entrance immediately inside the wall.  After passing through the entrance one notices a structure (presumably a “library”) that breaks the overall symmetry of the site. The main tower is made of sandstone but the other structures including the antechambers and library are made of laterite.  There are no carved surfaces or lintels at this site, perhaps due to the sparse use of sandstone.  There's a small pond lined with laterite blocks (barray) outside the wall.  Google Maps has over 60 photos of this site.

Prasat Ta Muean Tot