GPS = 14.3555556,103.2564171

Lat/Long = 14°21'20”N, 103°15'31"E

This is the first temple one encounters on the road through the Ta Muean Temple Complex.  It's the smallest of the three temples in this area and is a somewhat larger version of the typical “hospital” temples scattered throughout Northeast Thailand.  It's located in a grassy field adjacent to Hwy 2047, surrounded by tall trees.  The site is tranquil and quiet because most visitors go directly to the larger temples further down the road.  The temple is a relatively simple structure consisting of a single laterite hall with a fairly tall tower at one end.  There's a very nice sandstone lintel over the entrance opposite the tower and several windows along the side of the hall however they don't have colonnettes or carved surfaces.  There's no pond or baray at the site, nor are there any adjacent structures.  Google Maps has over 100 photos of this site..

Prasat Ta Muean

(Prasat Ta Meuan, Ta Muean Sanctuary)