Bak Dai, Phanom Dong Rak District, Surin 32140

Lat/Long = 14°21'109”N, 103°22'25"E

GPS = 14.352778, 103.373593

This remarkable site is technically located in Cambodia but it's accessible from Thailand as well as from Cambodia.  It straddles the border between the two countries and is continuously occupied by soldiers from both armies.  This is certainly one of the most interesting sites in Northeast Thailand.  It's like something from an Indiana Jones movie.  In order to reach the site from the Thai side you must pass through 2 army checkpoints and must temporarily surrender your ID card.  The road that leads to the site is long and winding and not well-paved.  Once you reach the end of the road you will be met by soldiers who will ask to see the permit given to you earlier at one of the checkpoints.  There's a bathroom near the parking area but no other visitor facilities.  A soldier will escort you up a rough stone trail to the site which is about 200 meters from the parking area.  Google Maps has 34 photos of the tower however they don't capture the haunting emotional impact of this site.  The surprisingly tall sandstone tower is surrounded by dense jungle that comes right to the edge of the tower.  Small trees and ferns are growing out of the sandstone blocks all the way to the top.  The interior of the tower is dark and mysterious.  There's no moat or baray nearby and instead of a wat it's part of a military outpost in the jungle.  The distinctive architecture and construction of the tower are unlike other prasats in this area.  There doesn't appear to have been any reconstruction but there are no carved surfaces and no decorative lintels.

Ta Krabei Temple