Sangkha Distict, Ban Phum Dom (Tambon Dom)

Lat/Long = 14°32'53”N, 103°52'36"E

GPS = 14.5479887,103.8742774

This site is in a very pleasant public park with a large grassy lawn and several trees, including one very large shade tree, perfect for a picnic.  It's on Hwy 4013 just past a fork off Hwy. 2077, a few km south of Hwy 24.  The site is not associated with a wat however there's a public bathroom.  The crumbling brick tower on a laterite base is described as the oldest Khmer ruin in Thailand.  For this reason it's one of the most significant sites in Northeast Thailand, and definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in Khmer archeology.  It's also rather appealing visually because of its age.  The original bricks really do look quite old and there's some vegetation growing out of the top of the tower.  A sign near the entrance to the park says this pre-Angkorian temple, dedicated to Shiva, was built in the 7th century and consists of four towers, however there's really only one standing - the others are simply foundations.  The primary tower has been restored and metal beams support the sandstone frames around its entrance.  There are no lintels and no notable carved sandstone ornaments other than a short linga inside the tower.  The linga may well be the original but the yoni base it's sitting on looks like a reproduction.  The remains of another structure located slightly to the south of the main tower is made entirely of laterite.  All that remains of two other smaller structures located to the north of the main tower are sandstone door frames and a few bricks.  There are two ponds at the site, one of which is a fairly large rectangle and may be a baray.  Google Maps has over 100 photos.

Prasat Phum Pon (Bhumpone)