Amphoe Bueng Bun, Tabon Po, Ban Ku

Lat/Long = 15°18'02”N, 104°05'36”E

GPS = 15.3008452,104.0913182

This relatively small site is associated with Wat Neranchara Wanaram.  Google Maps has several good photos of the area around the wat, including a 360° view that shows the Khmer site.  The main building of the wat is a rather strange structure designed to look like a large boat sitting in a small pond.  The site features three towers (prangs) on a common laterite base.  Resurfaced brickwork on the main tower indicate this site has been restored.  The lintel over the doorway to the chamber in the central tower appears to be original.  The two towers on either side of the central tower are made of laterite and are severely truncated.  The tower on the left has a large lustral basin (yoni) with two square holes, suggesting it may have had two phalluses (lingams) inserted in it at one point.  If so, that would be a bit unusual.  A large carved stone lotus sits to the right of the laterite base.  There is no causeway other than an elongated porch in front of the central tower.  There is no baray but there is a small pond to the left of the base.  There is no surrounding wall or moat.

Prang Ku Sombun (Prasat Ku Som Bun)