Tambon Kap Choeng, Amphoe Kap Choeng, Chang Wat, Surin 32210

Lat/Long = 14°30'59”N, 103°35'37"E

GPS = 14.516389, 103.593611

This small, inconspicuous site is located at the end of a short dirt road off of Hwy. 2002, about 1 km. south of Ban Prasat Beng which is on Hwy 2122.  It's marked by a blue sign along Hwy. 2002 with a temple icon.  The brick structure has fallen apart but the lower part of the original enclosure remains.  The rear wall is supported by a mound of dirt.  Two short sandstone columns are still standing vertically around the entrance.  One of the columns has some carved decorations but there are no other notable sandstone artifacts at the site and the original lintel is missing.  A few laterite and sandstone blocks are scattered around the front.  The site is surrounded by a relatively small moat.  There are no other buildings nearby and unlike many other Khmer sites it's not associated with a wat.

Prasat Beng Sanctuary