Prasat Ban Prasat

Amphoe Sangkha, Tambon Krathiam, Ban Thanon

GPS = 14.610924,103.6642073

Lat/Long = 14°36'40”N, 103°39'23"E

This prasat is located about 75 meters to the north of Prasat Muen Chai.  It's almost completely destroyed, consisting only of three or four standing structures that appear to be the partial remains of what once was a larger building.  The tallest structure (really just a pile of laterite blocks) looks like it would immediately fall over if it weren't supported by steel beams on all four sides.  Another older sign confusingly identifies it as Prasat Kang Ann and says “It is located at Ban Ta Non, Katiam Subdistrict, Sang Kha District, Surin Province.  The composition of monument 1.  A principle prasat was a square plan.  A finial, a roof of a library, a boundary wall and a Gopura collapsed.  According to architectural format was Arokaysala dated to the reign of Jayavarman VII (13t century).”  This is a relatively uninteresting site with no base relief surfaces and no lintels or carved sandstone artifacts.  There is a bathroom nearby.