Amphoe Prasat, Prasat District, Tambon Chueaphloeng

GPS = 14.6545268,103.39794

Lat/Long = 14°42'312”N, 103°23'34"E

This isolated site consists primarily of two restored brick towers on a laterite base.  The structures are surrounded by a moat on all four sides with an earthen causeway that bridges the moat from the east.  The site is in a broad grassy field with a few nice trees.  There's no wall around the site however there are two square assemblages of stone on either corner behind the laterite base.  These may have enclosed the original boundary stones (sima).  A sandstone doorframe on the south side of the base indicates where a third tower, now reduced to a pile of blocks, was located adjacent to the two remaining towers and a square ring of laterite behind the north tower that suggests there may have been a forth structure here, perhaps made of wood, since nothing's left of it.  Several holes along the east side the base indicate where wooden posts must have stood.  The original Shiva linga and lintels are missing, however artifacts recovered from this site, now stored at the Phimai National Museum, indicate the temple was built in the 11th century.  A faded sign at the site says it was built between 1057 and 1107 A.D. and dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. There are no lustral basins inside either tower however there are some broken pieces of a small yoni and a stone lotus bud on the ground to the north of the base (possibly reproductions).  Two fairly large lustral basins are located on the of the base in front of the towers.  They are too large to have been carried through the door of either tower so perhaps this is their original location - if so, that's somewhat unusual.  Several clues suggest there may have been a large wooden structure along the eastern side of the base, covering the basins in front of the towers.  There are no carved surfaces at the site, however inside the south tower there are a two broken vases, obviously originals.  Hopefully these delicate and valuable artifacts won't be stolen or damaged the way so many other artifacts have been.

The site is located in Tambon Chua Phloeng, about 7 km north of Hwy 24 and 3 km east on a small side road.  There's a standard blue sign on Hwy. 214. just before the turnoff.  There are no facilities or bathrooms at the site however a wat is located to the north.

Prasat Ban Phlai (Ban Phlai Sanctuary)

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