Amphoe Phrai Bueng, Tambon Prasat, Ban Prasat (aka Wat Prasat Yoe)

Lat/Long = 14°49'50”N, 104°21'12”E

GPS = 14.8281643,104.3649531

This unrestored site could be dismissed as simply a pile of rubble if it weren't for two excellent sandstone lintels.  Both lintels have well-defined carvings: one shows Indra sitting with one leg folded under his body with the other knee in the air.  He is perched on the elephant Airavata.  The other lintel shows Kala topped with a divinity, probably Shiva.  Judging from the size of the laterite base the original prang was apparently rather small, probably consisting of a single tower.

Prasat Yer