Amphoe Khun Han, Tambon Bak Dong, Ban Sam Rong Kiat

Lat/Long = 14°32'26”N, 104°29'08”E

GPS = 14.5405608,104.4836446

This easily accessible site is located on Hwy 2127, 12 km south of the intersection of 3040 and 2127 (Khun Han).  The site is inside the grounds of a nearby wat.  There's an inconspicuous sign in English on the road, however the structure is so close to the highway that you can easily spot it on the right as you drive south.  This is a relatively simple prasat consisting of a single brick prang (tower) on a laterite and sandstone base.  The prang has been restored and many of the bricks have been resurfaced. There's a sandstone lotus-bud that appears to be an original sitting on the ground near the tower along with a few other pieces of carved sandstone.  The yoni base is inside (not sure if it's original).  The original lintel and carved columns on either side of the entrance have been replaced with replicas.  There's a lion figure with a human face close to the road but it's a concrete reproduction.  Google Maps which has several photographs.

Prasat Tamnak Sai

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