Amphoe Khun Han, Tambon Bak Dong, Ban Sam Rong Kiat

Lat/Long = 14°32'26”N, 104°29'08”E

This easily accessible site is located on Hwy 2127, 12 km south of the intersection of 3040 and 2127 (Khun Han).  There are no signs marking the site, either on the road or in Khun Han, however the prang is so close to the highway that you can easily spot it on the right-hand side of the road as you drive south.  This is a simple prasat consisting of a single brick prang on a laterite and sandstone base.  The prang was restored a few years ago and many of the bricks have been resurfaced. The original yoni is outside the prang however the yoni base is still inside.  The lintel is a replica and only two pieces of original carved sandstone are laying on the ground.  An interesting lion figure with a human face carved out of sandstone, about 80 cm tall, is located close to the road, about 10 meters from the prang. The site can be found on Google Maps which has several photographs.

Prasat Tamnak Sai