Amphoe Khukhan, Tambon Kanthararom, Ban Rasi

Lat/Long = 14°43'45”N, 104°01'18”E

GPS = 14.7288709,104.0217901

This small site in a rustic setting features a crumbling laterite tower underneath a modern steel roof.  The tower is buttressed by several large metal support beams on all sides.  A small causeway leads up to the site from the east side in an excavated trough.  Numerous laterite blocks are scattered around the site, many of which have white numbers painted on them indicating a restoration effort in progress, but that project appears to have stalled.  A large pile of bricks is nearby, suggesting the laterite tower must have included a substantial amount of brickwork.  The entrance to the room inside tower has some beautifully carved sandstone bas relief features on either side and a block of carved sandstone sitting to the right of the entrance may have been part of the original lintel.  This is one of the few sites that still has some of the original bas relief carvings although they are heavily eroded.  The site is not associated with a wat and is somewhat hard to find due to a lack of signs.  There is a primitive toilet at the site but no other modern structures other than the roof which protects the tower.

Prasat Ta Leng (Ta Leng Sanctuary)