Amphoe Prang Ku, Tambon Ku, Ban Ku

Lat/Long = 14°51'09”N, 103°59'04"E

GPS = 14.8526624,103.9822579

This site consists of two brick towers and a single laterite tower on a common laterite base.  All three towers are roughly the same size and shape, which begs the question why one of them is laterite.  They appear to be partial restored.  The most significant feature of this site are the three bas relief panels which are arranged in front of each tower, presumably the tower that they were originally attached to.  The carving on these panels is quite remarkable, especially the one of the right which shows a large pack of monkeys apparently rescuing two prone figures who are tied together.  The level of detail on the panels suggests that they are replicas.  Other than these three panels there are no lintels or other sandstone artifacts except for the three door frames.  There is no causeway or stone wall surrounding the site, and there is no moat although there is a small lake nearby.  The site is not associated with a wat and there are no other buildings or bathrooms nearby.

Prasat Prang Ku