Amphoe Khun Han, Tambon Pran, Ban Phu Fai

Lat/Long = 14° 38' 35” N, 104° 29' 33” E

This small site is located on top of a prominent hill (Phu Fai) located approximately halfway between Khun Han and Kantharalak, about 2 km north of Hwy. 3040.  The hill is a distinctive basaltic monolith, easily visible from either Hwy 24 or Hwy 3040.  In order to approach the site from either the north (Hwy 24) or from the south (Hwy 3040) you must traverse some poorly-maintained dirt roads.  There are no signs indicating the site on any of the nearby roads or highways.  The concrete road up the Phu Fai hill is fairly steep so visitors are advised to park at the base and walk up the road.  Once you reach the top you must walk about 1 km on a concrete road, then turn right on an unpaved path to reach the site.  A number of monks and female renunciants live on top of the hill.  The prang has been completely disassembled for restoration, however that effort appears to have stalled.  Thousands of bricks and hundreds of numbered laterite blocks are neatly stacked nearby, awaiting the completion of the restoration project.  All lintels and carved sandstone artifacts have been removed and the prang has been disassembled, so the only thing remaining is the laterite foundation.  The main lintel may be at Wat Supannarat.  A stone wall, 1 - 2 meters tall, surrounds the site.

Prasat Phu Fai