Amphoe Uthumphon Phisai, Tambon Sa Kamphaeng Yai

Lat/Long = 15°06'06”N, 104°07'40”E

GPS = 15.1019399,104.126047

This is the largest site in Sisaket province, other than Phrae Vihear which is no longer accessible from Thailand.  A sign at this site describes it as follows: “Wat Sra Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary, Amphoe Uthumphon Phisai.  This large and perfectly preserved intact Khmer sanctuary has three pagodas on the same base, lined up along a north-south axis and facing east.  The principle pagoda is made mainly of sandstone with some brickwork, while the other two pagodas are brick with decorative sandstone features, including the lintels, pediments and doorframes.  It's believed that the sanctuary was built around the 16th Buddhist century as an offering to the god Shiva, and later transformed into a Buddhist temple of the Mahayana sect in the 18th Buddhist century.”  A tall laterite wall surrounds the site and has several windows with colonnettes. There is a forth structure (“pagoda” or prang) not mentioned in the preceding description in an asymmetrical location inside the walled enclosure.  The laterite wall is fairly elaborate and includes an elevated hallway along the northern edge.  There are three entrances through the wall and several side rooms on the eastern side.  The three main towers sit on a common laterite base and have carved sandstone surfaces near their tops.  In particular the main tower in the middle has some nicely carved surfaces, including the doorframe and lintel.  Most of the brickwork at this site has been restored but the lintels appear to be the originals.  The site is easily accessible and is associated with a fairly large and active wat which has a bathroom and gift shop nearby.  There is no baray or ponds nearby.

Sa Kamphaeng Yai Sanctuary