Amphoe Uthumphon Phisai, Tambon Khayung, Ban Klang

Lat/Long = 15°08'46”N, 104°14'50”E

GPS = 15.1459919, 104.2449712

This easily-accessible site is on the grounds of Wat Thep Prasat Kamphaeng Noi, about 8 km west of  Sisaket along Hwy 294.  It consists of a single laterite tower and a series of entry rooms, all of which are surrounded by a high laterite wall.  There are a few original lintels over several doorways but they are either defaced or heavily worn.  Perhaps the most interesting features at this site are the sandstone colonnettes: false columns in “windows” that were apparently formed on a lathe capable of carving sandstone.  There is a small baray lined with laterite nearby.  Also on the site is a small laterite base about 1 m tall with no tower.

Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Noi