Amphoe Prang Ku, Tambon Samo, Ban Tam Cham

Lat/Long = 14°49'04”N, 104°06'37"E

GPS = 14.8176526,104.1079143

This site consists of a single restored tower surrounded by a stone wall and the outline of causeway.   If you can ignore the ugly metal beams holding up the tower from behind, the rest of the site is really quite interesting.  The tower is made entirely of laterite and the causeway leads to a series of side rooms and doorways which lead to the entrance through the wall.  Inside the wall there is a another square structure with several trees growing out of it.  This additional structure is a little unusual because it breaks the symmetry formed by the causeway and the entrance to the tower.  There are no carved sandstone bas relief surfaces or lintels, however the door frames all seem to be original.   The front portion of the tower over the entrance has been restored without any attempt to recreate what was probably there originally.  The rear of the tower is braced with large metal beams.  Inside the tower are a number of statues of the Buddha and Hindu figures (all modern), one of which is standing on what appears to be the original yoni.  There is a small artificial pond (baray) lined with laterite blocks nearby.  The site is in a remote area and has no associated modern buildings or bathrooms.

Prasat Hin Ban Samo (Ban Samo Stone Sanctuary)