Amphoe Kantharalak, Tambon Bung Malu

GPS = 14.4081644, 104.7427319

This site is located about 38 km southeast of Kantharalak off of Hwy 221, inside Khao Phra Wihan National Park.  To reach this site you must enter the park but the site itself is just barely across the border with Cambodia.  Nevertheless it appears to be under the jurisdiction of the Thai army which has a very visible presence throughout the park.  Note that foreigners must pay 400B to enter the park.  The main structure is a laterite and brick tower with a short causeway.  The foundations for what must have been two additional structures are nearby.  One of the ancillary foundations is made of sandstone which is a bit unusual.  The original sandstone yoni is still inside the main prang.  Other than a few sandstone door frames there are few obvious carved surfaces.  There are no ornate lintels over any of the framed doorways.  Considering this site's proximity to Prasat Preah Vihear (Khao Phra Wihan) this may have been the last stop before continuing on the trail to that spectacular site which is located about 10km away.

Prasat Don Tual (Dontuan)