Ban Ben Non Doo, Tamboon Nong Om, Amphoe Tung Si Udom

Lat/Long = 14°47'15”N, 104°55'46E

This medium-sized site consists of a large central prang with two smaller prangs on either side. The two smaller prangs are severely tilted.  All three prangs sit on a laterite base with three distinct layers.  This is an interesting site with a number of features not found on many of the other small to medium-sized sites.  A tall laterite wall surrounds the site which includes a cruciform causeway in front of the entrance stairway to the main prang.  The cruciform causeway has several deep circular pits on both sides which probably held large wooden columns.  The main structure has its own cruciform entrance area with framed doorways on both sides.  In the 1990s the Fine Arts Department restored the site and found lintels engraved with nine gods and Indra on the Erawan elephant.  The lintels were assumed to be from around the end of 15th to 16th century BE.  There are no carved sandstone artifacts in or around the prangs and the lintels have been removed.  There are some carved brick surfaces on the upper portions of the main prang.

Prasat Ban Ben